LED SMD 5730 | 5630 72-digit numeric - 1.3A -- Excellent quality
It has 72 LED 5730/5630 LED chips in every branch

The size of the 5730 LED chip means the chip length is 5.7 mm and the width is 3.0 mm, and only 0.1 mm in size is larger than the 5630's chip. But the size of the branch does not differ from the model 5630, and the length of the branch is one meter and the width is one centimeter.

Currently there are white, moonlit, white, sunny, red, blue and pink pink

After strip LEDs and as the SMD power LED technology progresses, a new kind of LED is being introduced that combines the use of power LEDs on aluminum branches. The incredible power of these LEDs is compared to the LEDs used. In similar samples of tape and hollow, it has created a different user interface for this product. In other words, while striped LEDs were more used for lighting, this product can be used alone as a light source. Stunning, low consumption, long life and elegance are the main features of this product. This product has a variety of models on the market that you can see some of these models below.

The main reason for the use of aluminum in this product is the heat transfer property, which is why this product does not have the flexibility of this product compared to strip and hollow models. Also, the product does not have any protection against water, and if it is intended to use it in wet environments or when dealing with water, it is necessary to seal the rails and looms (in the articles of the goods). The power supply required for this product is a 12-volt switching adapter that you can click here. The voltage and current required for this LED are included in the product specifications and, based on the number of LEDs used, calculate the ampere rating and choose your adapter accordingly. For example, if the current consumption was 0.8 amps (or 800 mAh) and you want to turn on 5 branches, you need to select an adapter with a current higher than 4 amps. Also, if you intend to keep these 5 branches continuously for more than 2 hours, we recommend that you calculate 80% of the adapter power and buy a 6-amp adapter.

Currently, the product has been identified in the market based on the current flow rate (not based on lumens and light) and is available on a variety of models of 600 mAh, 800 mA, 1.3A, and ...

Also, the size of LED SMDs used and the density of these LEDs are diverse, and these are also the main features of the product.

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Physical Features
DIMENSIONSL:100cm W:1cm T:2mm

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LINEAR LED SMD 5630 - 1.3A

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