Device range:

Unlike most infrared circuits, which are at most two to three meters, it is very large and reaches about 20 meters, and even with fine tuning and placing the transmitter and receiver light emitting diode in one direction can reach a range of about 30 meters. Longer distances can also be achieved by using a focusing lens and mounting it on the receiver sensor.

Device output type:

Most infrared circuits operate in such a way that when the transmitter and receiver are placed in front of each other, the receiver relay is activated and when the obstacle passes between the transmitter and receiver, the relay is disconnected.

Device coding capability:

In infrared circuits, due to the use in closed environment and limited range and not passing infrared light through obstacles, interference of waves is less and coding capability is less important. However, a circuit of an infrared circuit with coding system has minimal Three advantages are important. First, by coding the circuit, the effect of disturbing waves and various lights (which are usually present indoors and some of these lights include a wide range of visible and invisible light waves, including infrared light) is reduced to zero. Arrives.

Power supply circuit:

The supply voltage of the receiver is 12 volts, which is supplied from the battery and with a suitable power supply. The working voltage of the transmitter is 3 to 12 volts, which is usually 12 volts in order to use a battery or a common power supply for the receiver and transmitter. If it is considered as an independent power transmitter, there is no need to use 12 volts to power it, and as mentioned, even with a 3-volt power supply with two AA batteries, without any noticeable change in its performance and efficiency.

High quality and stability of the circuit:

In making this circuit, special ICs as well as a high quality infrared sensor and a high power infrared diode have been used, which has increased the range and quality of the circuit work. In addition, the transmitter and receiver are perfectly coordinated and for Starting the circuit does not require any adjustment.

Receiver output:

A high-power relay is located at the output of the receiver circuit and is controlled by the circuit by relay contacts, and at the output of the OUT, various devices can be turned on or off.

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